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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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children of arrested parents and then finally the occ recommended that the department adopt written procedures and provide officer provide training on officer initiated driver incapacity proceedings where officers can notify the d.m.v. for a reexamination of an individual's license and that can result in an individual losing his or her license and having to go through a pretty onerous reexamination process to show that they are not mentally or physically incapacitated and having the appropriate evidence
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to do so so the chief has issued a department bulletin regarding the same and that concludes my report. >> thank you very much that's very thorough. i'm concerned about the lack of staffing and the mayor's budget but things do change. things do change hopeful ly we'll be able to work that out. what if you seen so far? >> we've received a few but not many. but again, we have not publicized it much. and so we will do that and i also -- i'm glad president mazuko you mentioned the budget i neglected to say that we have
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department heads have been instructed by the mayor to provide a one and a half percent budget reduction because of a ballot measure that would provide -- if adopted -- in november the city and county of san francisco measure to set aside mta and that would result in the city's budget being $23 million out of balance so every department has had to provide give back in hours was $53,000. out of our personnel budget of course. >> thank you.
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>> the outreach you know the data is predicated on making sure people know where to go and make complaints great job on the outreach i remember commissioner -- in terms of of chinese language outreach so i didn't know if there was any update on that to make sure we're reaching everybody in the language they use to understand. >> yes commissioner he and i have been in touch but nothing yet has crystalized. >> okay looking forward to that thank you. >> thank you. >> sir? >> yeah i too was asked for a contingency of 1.5 percent on year 2 so the mayor's office asked out of an abundance of
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caution should the measure pass that would have to come from the other department's budget since this 2-year budget cycle had already passed so we're hopeful that doesn't come to pass but we did too have to put up a contingency plan should we have to reallocate those funds. >> interesting. >> thank you very much director. >> you're welcome. >> please call commission reports. >> discussion the president's report and commission reports. >> briefly, prior to the last meeting we actually had the medal of valor selection process that took place and again commissioners will be receiving the results of that process and for approval it was pretty much a day long event and again, what we did was
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reviewed incidents where officers were rescuing people from fires and the asiana aircraft and those officers who were nominated for doing the work above and beyond what they were asked to do and what made it interesting was the only people that voted was the captains and command staff and the inspect tore and i were in the room to count the marbles and it was an solemn event and there's a secret selection process in a box that's been in the department since the 18 hundreds. >> it's old. >> and there's marbles for each
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med al gold and silver and bronze and that box is passed around and the marbles are put inside and in order to receive the award you have to have 2 thirds of the marbles and the officers said no we're just doing what we're supposed to do except for one for one lt said they asked him not to leave me alone and that was the only comment we had that was pretty powerful and we'll get those for review for your approval and the director is also part of the process and that was pretty powerful and i wanted to add at our last meeting which was in the mission district
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community i had the great pleasure of introducing our our newest commission so i'd like for you to welcome her here and we're really happy to have you here so thank you. >> commissioner's anything to report? >> i'm wanting to report that on august 6th i attended along with occ director joyce hicks a training on trans gender issues and how to contact the individuals in the community who are transgender and it was a great experience and it was put on by -- director hicks was
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very much active in as well as the department of justice and it was a great learning experience and i hope that others will take advantage of the information i know i've asked for the powerpoint to be passed around so that we can all learn about how those issues can be better utilized to serve our community and our department has already made great strides toward those efforts so this can help in those efforts. >> any further announcements? >> okay please call line item 3 c scheduling items identified for future commission meetings. >> next wednesday the 20th so we will not have a
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. >> and then also with reference to to an issue that actually
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dovetaills i know i received a copy of a draft and i've reviewed it and it looks pretty good to me but i think we need to move sooner than later on that. when are we scheduled on that issue? >> september 10th. commissioner? >> i just wanted to check in. maybe the chief would know when we'd be ready to talk about the department general order i know that process has been deliberate in terms of of everyone talking but i don't know if we're closer to
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wrapping it up. >> i can get an update and have it for you at the next commissioner meeting. >> anything else commissioner's? >> great please call for public comment. >> good evening commissioner's. so i have a few points i'd like to make slash questions basically i've received a letter in my occ case. it was mailed to my old address so i didn't get it until later but they did accommodate a review so to speak of how they came to the conclusion of no findings so no findings means they didn't find it one way or the other so i guess there's
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different definitions of no findings of wrong doing or just no findings meaning the officer retired and there's no interview and what not -- i don't know. >> unfortunately we can't really respond to direct questions. >> i'm just saying it's not publicized anywhere but it was communicated like that's accepted practice that's how it is so for the public to be aware of what the potential outcomes and for the commission to be aware of what the outcome is with these cases closed marked in the comprehensive statistical report report just says cases closed and i'm wondering if one of them was mine which had zero findings one way or the other. so that's one thing i'd like the commission to consider and
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possibly the occ and modifying the report and cases sustained are they part of the mediation process? are they inclusive you know, out of 150 to 200 complaints per quarter having 8 closed or sustained meaning there's validation for 8 out of 168 for example in the first quarter of 2000 actually that's not correct because there's a couple of different years thrown in here but it's not standard. it's hard to look to review -- anyway, the administrative hearing was offered but i don't feel there's going to be any kind of
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different outcome if no findings were available especially if nothing can be done with the circumstances that happened because the officers are retired. and again, it's not my intent to sue or anything it's just to make everybody aware that there are issues with the ability to simply use the 5150 as an out and i did notice i'm exceeding my time. just one second. there's five examples of mental health detention without cause in july alone. >> ma'am your time is up thank you. >> thank you. >> hello neal. >> commissioners good evening.
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for the record my name is emil lawrence i've been a resident of the city and county of san francisco. i've been stopped and beat up by the
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. >> what is that a setup? inappropriate conduct yeah those are a waste of time. we can get by on that. that's a waste of time but you look at some of these charges here they are very serious. whether it's sustained or not i'm not sure. but a citizen a resident of the city and county of san francisco who fills out a complaint he's obviously very unhappy. we don't know if the complaint is going to be
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sustained or not but to have out of several hundred and have the chief of police based on filled out the wrong ticket. what the hell is that? those are the types of complaints that the chief of police is going to adjudicate? neglect of duty. the officer was admonished and retrained. let me tell you something -- this city and county has anywhere between fifty and 75 police officer that belong in jail they don't belong on the street they are protected by the occ the police officer's association and parts of the sfpd i've come in contact with probably 3 or 4 or five of them and known dozens of people over the years that have contacted others. i thank you for your time on this matter.
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>> next speaker? >> my apologies for my comments during general public comment i didn't realize that i'd be cut off at exactly 3 minutes and not allowed to finish a sentence where other members of the public are allowed to continue beyond 3 minutes or at least continue their thought so i now appreciate the fact that i get different treatment than other people and make sure i'll conclude by the 3-minute point i'll go back to my comments to the last time i was here which i stated that the occ reports are nothing but occeccentric telling the employees what a good job they do nothing where they say here's an area where we have a problem except for we
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don't have enough money or staff there's nothing indicated where there's any room for improvement everything is either satisfy or better than. and i would ask you honestly, if you took these reports and showed them to 95 percent of the citizens of this city what can they glean from them? i would say nothing they are nothing but statistics like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic if you see what the process is like you would have to be a total moron to ever file another complaint again unless it was because you wanted to file a lawsuit and you had to file an occ complaint in order to be able to do that. this occ does absolutely nothing to show what
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the impact of the occ's operation is upon the citizens who use it i got a 1 page letter which is all i got from my original complaint filed several years ago not sustained end of story and you are not allowed to see what the investigation entailed who was talked to what the other party said and as far as mediation, i've mentioned this before and had commissioners say they didn't realize it. the officer doesn't have to show up and it's considered to be a done deal so basically anybody who gave up their right and took mediation has to be not aware of that or totally ignorant of their rights under the law these are nothing but statistics meaningless purpose
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less statistics a big stack of wasted paper and dead trees. >> i mentioned when i was up before but i was concerned with my posters for my son i hang these posters up every where i can and they are the legal size and i get them taken down and who has been taking them down i just found out and who was doing it before was -- where are we going to put these posters if we can't hang them on the poles? i have nowhere to put them and i get told to take them down or get them snatched down and thrown into the garbage if we can have posters like they we have no venue. if we had a venue maybe
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some of these un solved cases would be solved. put it in the d.m.v. or library so that people can see it and we don't have to worry about them tearing our posters down i was wondering if someone can talk to them make that vandalism tearing these posters down: i need help with that i hang them in front of my house and maybe because of the neighborhood i live in i live in front of two schools maybe people don't want to see it maybe they are afraid but i have a right to have these posters up so if we can have a venue and someone can make put it at bus stops i've seen them before at bus stops. it will help us and it will
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help the unsolved cases. so that us as mothers because i'm suffers like i said from post traumatic stress disorder i need help. i don't want to be going to catch people and get myself in trouble by telling them to stop pulling down my posters because i'm running up on them and they don't like it but what am i supposed to do? we need a venue we have no venue for our children's posters we need a venue and we have none so if the police association can help, again, it would be grateful ly appreciated from all the mothers, especially me. >> thank you miss brown.
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>> any other public comment? if not public comment is closed please call the next line item. >> regarding the sale of property for police commission resolution 12-18 action. >> good evening just for the record this matter was on once before and i think the commission has asked for a further update on the value of the property the new appraisals and any developments you can provide the commission before we get involved in this process. >> good evening thank you president and members of the commission chief and director hicks. 16 days ago we last discussed this property. we agreed that we would do an evaluation analysis so we went through a bid process selected bloom one of the premier
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appraisers in the city you might recall we talked about the sale of the fire house just behind the old potrero station that might be an indicator of likely value to refresh your memory on that it sold about 3 years ago it was in better condition than the old potrero station roughly the same size it appraised in the low 6 figures but sold at an at auction for $1.3 million i'm still reviewing the report and now prepared to give you the number i will say that suggestion that was a good indicator of value bearing pretty true so i think things are more valuable now than 3 years ago and again, that's
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evened out by the condition of the property where old potrero station needs a lot more work than the fire station itself. what i'd like to do is return in 4 to 6 weeks with the confirmed evaluation and we also asked them to the appraiser firm to look at a lease scenario so that you can see the comparison of the 2 potential income streams we're also reviewing that so we do have that number and be able to bring that back to you along with the process out line for each path if we were to pursue a sale of the property here's options available or pursue a lease and get your input and my next step to the board of supervisors to get their final authority so we can go out to market with which ever of those
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paths which is deemed the most appropriate and i encourage any input you might have after thinking about it from our conversation 2 months ago. >> i think the question -- i speak on behalf of the commission in this interesting real estate market it's an extremely upcoming neighborhood the the ballpark all these new things really we can't make a decision until we know the value of the property for sale and the value of the property if it's leased i know there was concern before with the commission given it's sort of an iconic property with the police department and the old potrero station and bay view station there was hope it would have a service related all the issues the commission raised, i imagine correct me if i'm wrong maybe just wait until we get the exact number on what it would look like as a lease or a
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sale. any further questions? >> no. you said when will you come back? >> about 4 to 6 weeks which ever works out for your schedule we'll be ready. >> i appreciate the effort you put into this. >> my pleasure. >> we'll shoot for 6 weeks. >> thank you very much. >> is there any public comment regarding this issue? >> hearing none public comment is now closed call the next line item. >> line item five all matters pertaining to the item below. >> any public comment regarding confidential litigation matters that we'll be handling in closed session? >> >> i'm like many of the other bodies in this city who have closed sessions you have met the minimum requirement for at least stating the cases you are
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going to talk about. in many cases like the ethics commission they say they are going into closed session to discuss something confidential and the brown act require that some minimum amount of information be given on the agenda so people of reasonable intelligence can read it or not and whether it would be to their benefit or advantage to attend so i'll say having the cases listed is very appropriate. i do, however, always have concern when certain things are handled in private and concern over whether or not and you can like this or not, whether or not the members of the commissions when they discuss things in private are honest about when they come out of it whether every single thing they discussed in there
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was confidential and non disclosable i have a hard time thinking everything uttered in these discussions is something that can not be disclosed at all and keeping things secret from the people. the ethics commission recently took me to task and said mr. hearts you make it seem like we're trying to hide things and i said i'm not making it seem but i'm saying you do try to hide things you hide what you don't want to be seen. occ is nothing but a cover a fig leaf for police misconduct. they investigate cases and the people who filed the complaint have absolutely no rights to see anything regarding the complaint all they get is a letter


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